Film Bingo Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews

Film Bingo Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews

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A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Mild references, crude humor. Some strong language for a PG.

What parents need to know Parents need to know that this movie has quite a bit of crude humor and some strong language for a PG.

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User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Adult Written by jrw April 9, What a waste of time! If we had not gone to this movie with another family, I would have walked out.

Adult Written by janialxnd7 April 9, Extremely Funny The funniest movie we've seen in some time. The whole family enjoyed it.

The movie kept moving the whole time and didn't slow down until the end. Teen, 15 years old Written by therightinfo July 25, Funny but gets boring It's a great family comedy but can get boring.

It's about a guy who finds himself intrested in a lady does her a favour involving cheeky kids. Teen, 16 years old Written by Totally July 25, Is it any good?

Talk to your kids about Movie details In theaters: January 21, On DVD or streaming: May 24, Cast: Family and Kids Run time: Martin Lawrence comedy with sex, violence, and nudity.

Engaging ensemble comedy has some salty language. Standout Jack Black in nerds-become-cool comedy. About these links Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase.

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It would appear that Disney's new approach to movie making is starting to pay-off, by remaking their old animated movies into real-life and mocking their old movies with their new 3d-animated movies, they are breathing new life into their movies.

As aforementioned in the introduction Moana is a must see movie that won't disappoint. I give this movie a 8. I have been largely unimpressed with Disney's recent animated movies, and many of my criticisms with them hold true with Moana.

Looking back at Wreck-It Ralph, Zootopia, and Frozen, it seems to me that Disney is more interested in building a visually beautiful world than building a great story.

This is true with Moana. The animation is wonderful. The world is gorgeous. The story, however, is rather dull and shallow.

The world is by design fairly sparse. There aren't a lot of characters in this movie. So to make up for that, the story or the characters need to be particularly compelling.

Disney breaks no new ground with Moana's story. That isn't new for Disney, and to be fair, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Many good movies are just well-done re-imaginings of classic stories.

But Moana isn't even that. At every step of the way, I couldn't shake a feeling that I'd seen it all before.

The story never gripped me nor did it leave me feeling fulfilled. Thus, the film just feels empty.

If either Moana or Maui were engaging characters, this movie could have been good. Despite a good performance from Auli'i Cravalho, Moana had a very small character arc.

She was not that different a person at the end of the film than she was at the beginning. For much of the film, she had very little agency of her own.

The plot seemed to carry her along, rather than she driving the plot. Maui did everything he could to cause the plot to stall.

This could have been great, as his antagonistic attempts to stop the main character could have worked as the central conflict. But since Moana is rarely actually trying to move the plot forward, the conflict just seems to be her-vs-him, which is mildly interesting at best.

Moana could have been such a good movie. But it suffers from the same failings as most recent Disney animated ventures: I saw "Moana" tonight in the local movie theater.

I have been wanting to see it since Thanksgiving and expected the audience to be few. To my amazement the cinema was almost full, and I can see why.

I would imagine most of the folks in the audience now have seen it 3 or 4 times. I served a number of years in the Army in Hawaii, so I was attracted to the movie for that reason, and it was certainly a great movie going experience.

The animated graphics capture the magic and beauty of Polynesia, the land and the ocean. And the story is a lot of fun. Highly recommended for all ages.

ThatAnimeSnob 28 December So I watched Moana and boy, what a lazy movie it was. So full of good ideas, squandered on a passable family movie.

And yes, I know it's Disney making a family movie, but it had all these ideas that would make a great story if they were taken more seriously.

The premise of the movie is basically the whole world dying because of what someone did and they treat this catastrophic event as an annoyance instead of something actually serious.

The protagonist is Moana, an absolutely average Disney princess type of character that wants to say no to being stuck in a life of safety and luxury.

We've seen it a thousand times by now, it's nothing that stands out or even something logical in the long run since these types of sheltered characters do not know anything about the outside world and are in effect useless on their own.

And I have to point this out about her which is one of the many things they didn't bother to clarify. Why is everybody fine with a girl being their leader?

Do they have gender equality on this otherwise primitive island? If they do, they never showed it because any other leader we see in their history was a guy.

Combined with how she doesn't drown 1 minute after going into the sea with zero experience further proves this movie is empowerment fantasy for little girls instead of a movie where talent and intelligence matter.

But it's OK because the scriptwriter did his worst to plot armor her from any possible danger. Because you see, the gods chose her to be the one who restores the world, thus every time she falls in water, a magical wave takes her on the boat.

When she doubts her abilities, the ghosts of her ancestors appear to motivate her. She is essentially a plot device fully controlled by the plot instead of doing what she wants and facing the repercussions of her mistakes.

And if you think calling her the chosen one properly excuses all the nonsense, it doesn't because the gods make no sense. Why did they wait a thousand years to do something about a disaster that has killed most of the islands, and of all people why did they choose a little girl with no skills or experience of the outside world?

They never explain it. Do you know what else they didn't explain? Why her pet pig doesn't grow up. She begins as a little girl and grows up to a teenager, but the damn thing remains a piglet throughout the whole movie.

Nobody in the production team gave a damn. The problems don't even stop there. The first thing she has to do is find Maui, a demigod who has been stuck on a barren island for a thousand years and is the only person who can save the world.

He is also the one who doomed it, so that makes sense. Also, for a guy who spent a millennium all alone without something to eat or do on a tiny island, he sure looked fine when she appeared.

Disney went so safe and lazy on him that he is nothing but a cool guy who does cool things and has absolutely no sex drive, or psychological trauma for being left alone all this time.

Accompanying them on their journey is a retarded chicken. It's the most annoying comic relief animal I have seen in my life. It's not funny, it causes more trouble than aid, and they never eat it although they never seem to have enough food.

How the hell did it get on the boat in the first place? Moana didn't take it with her, it just appeared out of nowhere in the secret cave nobody had been in for centuries.

You probably think I am being too harsh on what is supposed to be a dumb movie for kids, when I'm not since they clearly put effort in fleshing out the characters in a way that demands from the story to be better.

Moana's father has a good reason for not letting her out in the sea. Maui has a good reason for why he keeps going on adventures and tries to impress the mortals.

Even the villain of the movie has a reason for why she is evil. These are really good stuff, and they are ruined by the lazy script. If the movie was like that in all its aspects, I wouldn't be bothered by it.

But when you set it up in a way that obviously raises the bar like that, the disappointment multiplies when you treat your good ideas like a joke.

I can easily sum up all these problems as cheap resolutions. Everything is fixed way too fast despite the problems building up for countless years.

The father changed his mind way too fast and lets his daughter sail in the sea, Maui changed his mind and returned to help her without even showing us how, and the goddess forgives Maui instantly, despite causing her pain and suffering for a thousand years, as well as wiping out the life of countless islands and filling the sea with monsters.

Hell, even the disease that was slowly killing the islands went away in a few seconds despite spreading slowly for centuries. This movie is so freaking lazy.

The pay-off is not worth the build-up, its ideas are not used properly, and all you end up getting is a generic Disney princess and a retarded chicken.

Weatheronthe8 30 November Personally, I thought this movie was boring, so boring to where there were only a couple jokes I found somewhat funny the entire movie, yes this is one of those more song driven movies that are with very little humor, it also appeared as the people I went with which one of them was a little kid who was laying on one of our arms for half the movie and it wasn't late either, it started at like First, about the first hour before she got on her adventure was extremely boring, not much was happening and it was all just her not wanting to go, actually during this time, I was so bored, that I went to the bathroom and took my time usually I run to get back to the movie and when I got out, I actually got on my phone and looked at how "bad" the reviews would be for this movie, it turns out I was very wrong, it has very good reviews and I was surprised.

When I got back in there, a little later it got slightly more interesting after she got on her boat, but it still was pretty boring, I even went to the bathroom a second time even though I probably could've held it.

I don't think I've been to a more boring movie in my life, the songs seemed pretty generic and I know at least 1 repeated itself later on the movie.

I personally didn't care for Frozen either though which I think is the market this is aimed for. This is honestly making me start to lose hope in Disney, I think they've done messed up TV, and now they're messing up movies it seems.

I think it is overrated but that's just my opinion. All I can say is that if you like Frozen, you'd probably like this movie. But if you didn't care for Frozen, you'd probably find this one of the most boring movies of your life.

I don't even think it's me outgrowing cartoons, I like cartoons but this is just boring, I think it may be they're all aimed for little kids probably little girls for this one now, whatever happened to family movies.

This movie was so boring, that I was literally able to tell what kind of plot it has, it has a Hero's Journey plot in case you're wondering, I know a lot of movies have the plot, but it's not supposed to be this plain obvious to where I can tell either while or right after I watched the movie.

I also think this being about some fictional religion was just weird, like how were the islanders in trouble when the darkness was like halfway around the world, then why would that goddess be that thing that was trying to kill them, it would make more since if we could've saved 10 minutes by her just saying to give her the thing then and that she was the goddess but no, gotta make it obvious about that Hero's Journey plot, seriously.

So overall I wouldn't recommend this movie to hardly anyone unless they like Frozen and I personally find this movie very overrated.

Added with Lion King like incomprehensible but fun tunes with a Hawaiian twist this time. All over the place with a lot of shifts -Annoyingly predictable, unfunny characters.

Specially Maui with such cringe worthy, lame jokes. Maybe i'm too old to be amazed by easy punch lines, that end of the day are meant for kids -difficulty with tonal focus.

A friend and I went with the kids to watch Moana last night. I loved seeing Polynesian islands in animation again. The scenery is beautiful--much more of it, and more vivid compared to Lilo and Stitch.

The storyline was typical Disney, of course. I feel like I've seen this movie a dozen times before. This movie succeeds in that aspect, which is disappointing.

Having sons, it would be nice to see a movie where a young man is the hero. Instead, we seem to find thattoo many of Disney's children's movies feature a heroine with weak male characters around her.

Other than the above-mentioned observation and the glorifying of pagan belief systems, it was an entertaining and uplifting movie.

I wont spoil it but if you like musical girlie types like FRozen then you'll probably love this. Otherwise, trust me you will be like whats going on?

Why is this taking so long? It just drags and drags and drags. It is also somewhat predicable.. If you really want to see it that bad..

At one point in the movie even The Rock says please stop singing. Two good things i can say. The short story before the movie started was outstanding.

Its called Inner Workings. Absolutely amazing and well done. Moana also exhibits incredible computer animation. This film is absolutely fantastic.

Great CGI, great story, great voice cast, great music, and all around great everything. This truly is an instant cult classic that is going to go down in history as one of Disneys best.

The CGI is beautifully detailed and polished. The sea and the hair of the characters look almost completely real. The story is absolutely amazing as well.

It's not only thought provoking, but it also has everything, such as happiness, bravery, poignancy, and it just goes on a perfect flow that fits perfectly with what this film is about.

The music is surprisingly pretty great in this film too. I think the writers did a splendid job with that as well.

This film is beautifully animated and written, and I can't recommend this film enough for those who haven't seen it yet.

I was pleasantly surprised and I think anyone who hasn't seen it yet will be as well. Westmoney 12 April A girl wants to go where her dad won't let her, wants to do what her dad won't let her.

Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Poca Pocahontas, Mulan, Brave and just about every modern Disney. Dad - scared, repressive, short-sighted, wrong.

Demi-God chap - selfish, conceited, vain, ineffective, emotionally repressed, thief. Crab - as above I'm assuming he's male. Coconut Pirates - murderous but ineffectual I'm assuming their male.

Moana - bright eyed, aspirational, quick learner, visionary, empathetic, brave, strong, amazing, indefatigable, indomitable, perceptive.

Granny - as above plus supernaturally gifted. Earth Goddess thingy - was only trying to kill people because the male character had robbed her of her precious.

Increasingly Disney is working as a SJW - righting perceived inbalances in society. They have obviously perceived a gender imbalance biased towards males in society and have therefore produced their own version of the world where the gender imbalance is biased heavily and totally towards the females.

Everything else in the film is nice. First I have to admit I do not like the name Moana. It sounds like someone is moaning. Moan-aaaa ahhhh no I really don't understand some people who have voted with ten stars this movie.

It was not fun.. I think there is something suspicious is happening with the positive criticism here I just feel sad for those who have give to that film that high rating.

They are fooling themselves and I guess they have issues that need to take care of this issues with some professional help.

I believe it is so unfair to see that a non entertaining comedy has 9 or 10 rating Moana is simplistic plot.

Surround a young quasi-islander girl with a big over-weight quasi-demi-god, a few animal "friends", a father afraid of going out beyond the reef because his friend drowned?

Disney's ability to dilute any folklore is well-known, in order to make a quick buck by selling junk merchandise to kids.

The tattoo suit was a terrible idea, but kudos for pulling it off the shelf quickly. Disney has a habit also of producing "girl power" movies, which I find to be cookie-cutter style.

Disney has found a formula and they rinse-repeat with the characters, music and script. Recently this has been true with movies like Frozen, Tangled and Brave.

In the meantime, Disney ignores the male lead role with the ability to change and overcome challenges in life.

No, I don't include Pixar movies. Of those 12 movies, only two have meaningful scripts and two have sad endings.

I could really dig deep and trash this movie for all the things they got wrong, but I'm going to skip it and just point out the few things I liked about the movie.

The rest of the movie is junk to me. It is a cookie- cutter movie with the same theme, with the same songs, with the same direction. Sure there are some amusing parts of the movie, but over all I really didn't care for it.

I also was disappointed in the use of "Disney staff from the Disney resort" who are of native heritage for the bonus features. It became obvious to me that Disney was doing a fluff piece to show the general public that "islanders" love working on the movie, which is a partial truth.

Overall this movie is an amusing production which will satisfy the little kids and the simpletons. If Disney really wanted to make a movie about diversity they could make the same movie about a gay boy trying to be chief after his father dies.

This must be the most over-hyped crap of a movie since Frozen. Was Jar Jar Abrams also involved in this? That's how bad and formulaic this thing is.

I cannot believe the people who give this a perfect score. This is an awful movie. Don't be fooled by the long list of great reviews here I'm not even sure what the merit of yet another Disney princess film is, it's so bad.

Not recommended unless you are very easily amused, or a mother who must say it was good to keep up with Joneses after the little bratess wanted to go watch it.

Unlike "Bolt" and "Zootopia", Disney tried again another musical, i. That apart, unlike other Disney musicals, e. I lost count of how many time the main character's song is reprised, with maybe slightly different lyrics every time, but I stopped caring after the second one.

The explorer's song, one of the few with Polynesian language thrown-in and that doesn't sound like a cheap Western European cartoon musical, is somewhat "fine", although also repeated unnecessarily too many times.

Maui's and Tamatoa's songs are happily jazzy and unfitting with the film, but helped me to survive till the obvious ending.

Yes, the ending is squarely obvious after the first few minutes, just after the story of Maui's deed is told. The producers tried to make it less obvious by hiding the spiral on Te Ka's chest, but it's a Disney cartoon, who couldn't tell that Maui would come back to help actually, who couldn't tell he would eventually ditch Moana in the worst possible situation, just to raise the "thrill"?

Even the only character to die returns Obi-Wan-Kenobilistically to help Moana what just makes sense, I guess, as Disney now owns the Star Wars franchise.

Disney created a type of film which makes all spoilers simply meaningless like, who couldn't tell the ending of "Frozen" just by seen the poster, with the two sisters side by side?

Granted happy ending is not fun, at all and no, watching "how" the characters get there is not enough nowadays for enjoyment, this is not opera, this is cinema.

Maui is by far the best character, but just like Indiana Jones in "Raiders of The Lost Ark", absolutely unimportant for the plot except for stealing the heart of Tahiti, oops, "Te Fiti", which any other unrelated character could have done, any and everything he did was useless to change the course of the story.

Maui's self-conscious line asking Moana not to start singing was funny, but the fun vanished swiftly as the songs restarted filling up the space where actual story should be.

I have to regard Heihei, the chicken, funny, although fully useless, too don't worry, if it wasn't there, the stone would have fallen in the ocean, and it would have returned it to Moana, just like it did before.

Why is Moana the main character? There was no need for the character to be female, unlike Mulan or Merida. For the plot, Moana could be a shrimp, it wouldn't make any difference.

I guess Disney wants to sell more toys to girls, and that's all. According to psychologists, men have a need to outstand, women have a need to fit in this is not Wikipedia, you look for the references!

Thus, boys take any crap you throw at them, as long as it has flashy LED's and makes a lot of noise. Girls are usually more picky, they use to choose what appeals to them somehow even if only because "everybody at school has one".

Heroines have a better chance to sell them anything, I suppose, so there comes another female leading character.

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